COSA Community Leaders 2020


Website for the COSA Community Leaders program in 2020.

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COSA Community Leaders Program

The Clinic for Open Source Arts (COSA) is excited to announce our Community Leaders Program for 2020. We will be focused on training leaders for the communities surrounding open source creative tools, emphasizing accessibility, inclusiveness, education, contribution, and sustainability.

We believe one important step towards healthier open source tools for the arts is having community leaders who are trained to make sure that the efforts of contributors to projects (both new and ongoing) are respected and fruitful, and that new kinds of contributors to a project are invited and onboarded in ways that result in a diverse and inclusive community.

Our program builds on the Mozilla Open Leaders program for an open and healthy internet. Our goal is to empower people to build new communities or step into existing ones with the tools and skills to guide those communities. We hope they will be able to interface between the creators of projects and the many types of contributors including those that code, those that educate, those that help, and those that share. The program will combine several weeks of online training with several days of in-person workshops hosted by COSA in Denver Colorado, USA.

Applications for the program will be announced in April 2020. Please fill out this form to be notified or to share ideas about projects or communities that we should be looking to help: